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We’re an Amsterdam-based photography & videography team that helps businesses and brands to create engaging content that really resonates with their audiences, inspires action and brings results!

And we truly love what we do.

We specialize in Event and Corporate videography and photography, providing a real one-stop-shop solution to our clients.

We strive not just to produce fabulous results but to also provide the best customer experience you’ll ever encounter. We are flexible, friendly and easy-going, quick to respond, so, in short, we’ll do everything in our reach to make your life a bit easier 🙂

Although our headquarters is located near Amsterdam, we regularly provide photography & videography services for events in all major European cities.

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BFF Visuals produces fresh, dynamic and engaging aftermovies or as they’re also called, highlights videos for a wide range of businesses, brands and corporate clients. We cover events, as varied as conferences, exhibitions, conventions, award ceremonies, trade shows, trade fairs – just to mention a few.

Our films are short, eye-catching and showcase each and every important detail of your event attractively. We use a wide range of cinematic camera moves and shot compositions (including timelapses and hyperlapses) to keep your video visually engaging, while we convey the story or message of your event through vox pops/interview bits.

Once all these elements come together in a dynamic edit, your event’s story is ready to be shared with the world.

We focus on showing the engagement, the networking opportunities, the great keynotes and panel discussions you have, not to mention the beautiful venue and the fun that the attendees are having at your event.

BFF Visuals knows how important it is to have professional, high-quality photographs of your well-planned events so you can immediately tell the world about it or use it in your internal communication.

We always provide spectacular photos of every happening of your event: the different programmes, networking breaks, speeches, workshops, panel discussions. We strongly focus on showing engagement, connections, good vibes, diversity and candid moments.

Live events are special; they only happen once.

Filming all the keynote speeches, panel discussions and all the sessions happening on stage with one or multiple cameras is a great way of capturing the essence of your conference, which can be later shared with the attendees or those who couldn’t make it.

We always put emphasis on capturing these sessions in a visually-pleasing way, while ensuring high-quality and clear, pristine audio.

In today’s business world it is crucial to use all the appropriate Social Media Channels for promoting your event.

This is why we produce 10-30 second short videos which you can use to drive traffic to your website from your social media channels, generate hype and attract more attendees to your event.

With engaging visuals and an inviting call-to-action it’s a guaranteed success.

Well-told customer stories are proven to be an amazingly powerful tool when it comes to attracting prospects and building trust.

People can easily relate when they see similar people facing the same challenges they do.

When these decision-makers are in the consideration phase, seeing your client’s testimonial video about experiencing success in solving a similar problem to what they also have can be very impactful.

What do your clients have to say?

A Video Business Card is a short video that showcases your business super quickly. Not only that, but it’s powerful, it shows emotion and gets people excited about working with you.

Every single business needs this video in their marketing toolset.

It’s the perfect two-minute asset to be used on the front page of your website, in email signatures, put it on your social media, pin it to the top, send it to investors, run it at tradeshows and honestly to just have it in your back pocket anytime you need to show your business instead of just talking about it.

  • commercials
  • event aftermovies
  • social media content
  • video business cards
  • food videos
  • product videos
  • music videos
  • performance registrations
  • gala dinners
  • receptions
  • trade shows&fairs
  • promo videos
  • keynote&event registrations
  • multi-camera recordings
  • event photography
  • business portraits
  • food photography
  • product photography
  • interior photography
  • consultation
  • video strategy
  • scriptwriting
  • planning
  • video editing
  • color correction
  • color grading
  • visual effects
  • motion graphics
  • titling/subtitling
  • audio mixing
  • sound design
  • music licensing


Corporate and Marketing Videos


MOAWARDS 2019 – Opening Video – Amsterdam, Netherlands

There’s no award like a MOAward. It is the professional award for inspiring insights professionals and leading marketing research & analytics agencies that make a difference in their field. BFF Visuals produced this epic opening video for the prestigious MOAWARDS market-research award ceremony.

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Corporate Event Videography


Event Videography at the GARMIN Health Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This two-day event featured keynotes, panel discussions and networking opportunities with digital health industry leaders from all over the world. The summit also showcased wearable digital health solutions from key players across many industries. As the videography team of Amsterdam Event Photography, we captured this meaningful event and created this event aftermovie.


Direct Booking Summit 2019 – Aftermovie – Paris, France

The Direct Booking Summit in Paris united hundreds of hoteliers to strategize, network and drive the Direct Booking Movement forward. A packed agenda of keynotes, debates and workshops ensured delegates leave with plenty of fresh ideas. As the videography team of Amsterdam Event Photography, we summarized the highlights in this engaging aftermovie.


Event videography at AABC Summer Networking Event in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Amsterdam American Business Club is a non-profit organization founded on the principle of networking, striving to improve business contacts between Dutch and American companies, as well as business professionals located in the greater Amsterdam area. BFF Visuals was the videography crew of their Summer corporate networking event and Canal Boat Tour in Amsterdam and created this fun highlights video.

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Event & Product Photography


Event Photography for Meanwell at Electronica Trade Fair in Munich, Germany

Electronica in Munich is the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics. BFF Visuals were pleased to be the photography team for the power supply company, Mean Well and create professional, engaging photos of their presence at this great event.


Event Photography at the RELX Inspiration Day, in Amsterdam, Netherlands

RELX is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. Amsterdam Event Photography gave us this great assignment to photograph and videograph the SDG Inspiration Day, organized by the RELX Group in the TAETS in Amsterdam.


Event Photography at Eight International – Amsterdam, REM Eiland

Eight International is a global advisory organization founded by consultancies sharing the same values. They spent a great day in Amsterdam including a Canal Cruise and a dinner at REM Eiland. Amsterdam Event Photography asked us to follow their day to capture all the fun they had and deliver spectacular photographs.

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“It was a pleasure to work with the team from BFF Visuals. They took time to understand our needs and brief, their photographer was professional and discreet during our event, and – most importantly – the resulting images were high-quality. We would have no hesitation in using their services again!”

Dillon Mann, mothers2mothers
asian lady client for event videography

“Excellent work! Very professional prep and execution. And the end result is brilliant, definitely to our expectation! Communication was also smooth. Overall very pleasant experience. Highly recommended.”

Yin Liu, Mean Well

“BFF Visuals were wonderful to work with at our event. They were professional in attitude and made sure we got all the footage we needed. Bela has been really helpful whenever we’ve needed follow-up work and is always a pleasure to speak to!”

Lily McIlwain, Triptease

“I am looking at it now, it is sooooo perfect!!!! We are soooo in love with the videos and photos. Thank you SO much. I think we can use this for a lot of purposes.”

Marleen van Doremalen, 24Nannies


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